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Oilfields High School is located in Black Diamond, Alberta nestled in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and welcomes students in grades 7-12. Oilfields provides students with a quality educational experience through a choice of classroom, self-paced, self-directed alternative learning environments.

Administrative Messages

We wanted to provide an update regarding the status of Foothills School Division’s Policy 18 –  Welcoming, Safe, Caring, Inclusive and Respectful Learning Environments, and the accompanying Administrative Procedure (AP) 350 – Student Code of Conduct, as directed by the Minister of Education.

The Division received substantial feedback regarding changes to the School Act and the associated January 2016 release of government guidelines related to supporting “the creation of welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that foster diversity and nurture a sense of belonging and positive sense of self”. In addition, from February 11 – March 21, our stakeholders were provided with the opportunity to review FSD’s draft policy and AP and complete an online questionnaire to share their views.

We have prepared a summary of the key themes contained in the online feedback received. The Division wanted to afford respondents the opportunity to be as candid as they wished without concern that their feedback could point to their identity. Accordingly, we are not releasing verbatim responses.

As we have previously communicated to stakeholders, FSD focused on the safety and dignity of ALL students in formulating the first draft of the policy and AP for presentation to our stakeholders. Much of the feedback received via the online questionnaire mirrored feedback received prior to the development of FSD’s draft policy and AP. Consequently, revised documents sent to the Minister of Education and reviewed with our Board of Trustees at the April 6th board meeting were largely unchanged, with the exception of some additional information to clarify the policy development process.

We have also prepared a document to address some frequently asked questions about our draft policy and AP.

John Bailey
Superintendent of Schools

Please see the following information regarding CASL legislation and how it effects your students at Oilfields High School.

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Please see below for the Oilfields Proffessional Development Bulletin for Decmber 2017

Oilfields Proffessional Development Bulletin December 2017