Driller Athletic Society


What is  Drillers Athletic Society (DAS)

DAS was formed in 2002 to promote healthy living by supporting athletic programs, youth development and positive sports culture. Support usually comes in the form of money which means DAS is basically a fund raising body consisting of interested parents, alumni, OHS staff, coaches and community members who value the extracurricular sports program at OHS.

Our Mission Statement is

The Driller’s Athletic Society will provide continuous athletic support, assist in youth development and maintain a positive sports culture.  This is achieved through a team environment of students, staff, parents, alumni and volunteers.

  1. Instilling a Sense of Pride
  2. Assuring Participants have Fun
  3. Providing Time and Resources
  4. Encouraging Event Attendance
  5. Promoting Society Involvement
  6. Raising Funds

Our Vision is

To have world class athletic programs and athletes

What has DAS accomplished?

Past members of DAS raised $100,000.00 to build the Wellness Centre. Three years ago we purchased the $35000.00 worth of equipment and recently we have augmented existing equipment with 3 rowing machines, one more exercise bike and a dual pulley lower back weight lifting system. The Wellness Centre is open to all students and staff at  OHS who have completed a safety and training class.

DAS has in the past sponsored Speed & Power Camps for athletes in grades 7-12.  This program was designed to help kids learn concepts and drills that will enable them to be better all-round athletes.

DAS has funded the purchase of

  • volleyball nets
  • uniforms
  •  trophies
  • score board
  • score table
  • resurfaced the gym floor

 Future Wish Lists

  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Top soil and seed for field
  • Field House
  • Track

What type of Fundraising do they do?

 Bottle drives, Golf Tournaments, Casinos, Silent Auctions and Parking cars for Canadian Public Auctions. DAS is always open for other suggestions to raise money.