Flag Football

Driller Flag Football Schedule

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Important Information:

  1. Please ensure that your child consumes enough food/snack/energy drink before practice to keep them  nourished throughout practice.  Plenty of water will be provided.
  2. It is highly recommended that your child wears a rubber-soled running shoes during play. Cleats are not  allowed.  Mouth guards are MANDATORY this year and are provided in their fees.
  3. It is your child’s responsibility to notify coaches before practice if they are unable to attend.
  4. Rides will not be provided by coaching staff. Transportation provided by FSD bussing, or parents with required insurance forms.
  5. Coaches operate by a highly structured code of conduct.  If your child chooses not to follow behavioural    guidelines set out prior the season your child may be asked to leave a practice or game.    
  6. Parents/guardians are always encouraged to attend practices and games.
  7. Driller Flag Football is intended for players to learn basic skills and attitudes associated with the game of football.  Above all, football is about having fun!!