Hockey Canada Skills Academy

Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HCSA) is a hockey skills based program offered at Oilfields School as an Option for students in Grades 7-9.  The curriculum is written by Hockey Canada and is designed around the 5 skills of skating, puck control, passing, shooting and checking.  As it is not a Learn to Skate program, students should have adequate skating skills before enrolling.

Currently, it is offered in the first semester and the students have 2-3 classes per week.  The first two weeks of the course are used for dryland hockey activities, developing leadership skills, setting goals and course expectations.  From there we hit the ice at the Oilfields Arena where the students are expected to wear full equipment, be punctual, and work to develop their individual skills to ensure an enjoyable hockey experience now and well into their adult life.  The course provides approximately 45 ice sessions focusing on individual skill development.

As the arena is right next door to the school, students walk to and from the rink and are allowed to leave their equipment at the rink. Hockey equipment and sticks are not allowed on school buses, so parents will have to make arrangements to drop off/pick up the equipment. The course is offered during the school day so students are expected to shower quickly after each ice session and return to the school ready for their next class.

The course meets the needs of all levels of hockey players from beginners to advanced.

Hockey during the school day!! WOW, what a bonus!!