Welcome Back 2019-2020 School Year

Get ready for the 2019-2020 School Year

“Developing Skilled Learners Empowered for Success in Life”

Welcome to another year at Oilfields High School! Our Junior High students (Grade 7/8/9) will start school on Tuesday, September 3rd with the Sr. High students (Grades 10/11/12) joining us on Wednesday, September 4th.  Our school day begins at 8:50 am and ends at 3:25 pm. The first day for both junior and senior high will start with a short assembly in the gym to introduce staff, distribute timetables and assign lockers.  At the conclusion of the assembly, the regular day of classes and learning will begin. Students will need to bring their school supplies opening day. In the fall, please refer to the Student & Parent Handbook posted on the school website at http://oilfields.fsd38.ab.ca/  for further information.

Courses and Student Timetables: Oilfields provides students with a variety of academic and complementary courses which include both semester and full year courses designed to discover and explore their interests. The 2019-20 school schedule and individual student timetables (tentative and which may be subject to change) will be sent in a separate email. Careful thought and attention goes into creating and personalizing your student’s timetable and changes will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • there is a change to post-secondary plans and/or interest
  • completing a course in summer school
  • conversations with the school counselor and administration

            Important note:          Changes to a student’s timetable based on reasons such as wanting to be in the

same class as friends are not considered as reasons for a timetable.

Students in Jr. High in 2019-20 can make course change requests in the new school year by filling out a course change form. Questions regarding Jr. High timetables can be directed to Ms. Gauzer in the office.

Sr. High School students can fill out a course change request form and make contact with Ms. Isberg with questions.  Our office opens August 26th for registrations and to book appointments regarding timetables.  All students receive an updated timetable on the first day of classes, as changes may occur over the summer months.

Our school schedule is designed to support students through our Engage and Flex Blocks.  

  • Engage (30 min) is designed to support student learning through:
    • Mindfulness and mental health strategies
    • Planning & organizing schedules
    • Upcoming events
    • Accessing supports
    • Reflection
    • Team building
    • Mental Health Strategies.  
  • Flex (20 min) is a block of time scheduled daily intended to support students with opportunities to work with their teachers to further their learning.  
    • Students in good academic standing have the choice to use Flex to meet with subject area teachers for additional support, to review their learning, complete homework or study.  
    • Students can also be assigned to Flex by their classroom teacher to complete or redo missing, incomplete or unsatisfactory assignments as well as to make up for behavior, unexcused absences or lates.  
    • Students should be prepared to attend Flex daily as this is part of the regular scheduled day.   Our goal is to support ALL students with achieving the highest levels of achievement. 
  • Clubs and Intramurals (50 min) are scheduled opportunities during Flex and Lunch for students to facilitate or participate in activities that they are interested in over the course of the year.  Students who are not meeting expectations may be required to attend Flex instead.    


                           Oilfields Schedule 2019/20


Friday Rotations

Semester 1

Semester 2

Day 2 Fridays

Day 3 Fridays

Day 2 Fridays

Day 3 Fridays

September 6

September 13

February 7

January 31

September 27

October 4

February 28

February 14

October 18

October 25

March 20

March 6

November 8

November 15

April 3

March 27

November 29

December 6

May 8

April 24

December 20

January 10

May 29

May 22

January 17


June 12

June 5

Staff: Our strength is our size; this allows us to personalize our instruction to meet the needs for each of our learners. We would like to welcome all new and returning staff members to the Oilfields Team for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Ms. Ahearn - PE and Social Studies

Mr. Argento - Outdoor Ed. and Rec. Sports

Ms. Aubrey - Science and Science Olympics

Dr. Bailey - Math and Robotics

Mr. Bretzlaff - PE and Math

Ms. Georgopoulos - ELA

Mr. Davis - Band

Ms. Engelman - Math, Science and Robotics

Mr. Gallacher - Learning Coach and Social Studies

Mr. Hasiuk - Admin and Math

Ms. Henrichsen - Art, Social Studies, Drama

Ms. Holt - Home Economics and Hockey

Ms. Isberg - School Counselor and CALM

Ms. Larter - Science, Outdoor Ed and Math

Mr. Lavallie - Science and Aboriginal Studies

Ms. Leavitt - Social Studies, French and ELA

Ms. Makinson - Learning Coach, Math and Study

Mr. Musgrove - Admin and Hockey

Ms. Nixon - Spanish, Social Studies and ELA

Ms. Paquette - Hub

Ms. Pracic - Drama, Film, Science and Art

Mr. Rawson - PE, Science and Fitness

Mr. Sillito - Social Studies, Outdoor Ed, and ELA

Mr. Standen - Math and Science

Mr. Toews - Industrial Arts

Mr. Westworth - Photography and Digital Tech

Ms. Lansdell - Office

Ms. Hein - Office

Ms. Gauzer - Office

Ms. Watts - Learning Commons

Ms. Dyck - EA

Ms. Bruinsma - EA

Ms. Williamson - EA

Ms. Smith - EA

Mr. Whiteside - Custodian

Ms. Skoye - Custodian

Ms. Sims - Custodian

Ms. Valley - Custodian

Ms. Henry - YDC

Ms. Thiele - Family School Liaison Counselor

Ms. Edwards - First Nations, Metis and Inuit Family School liaison Counselor


Please review the Parent and Student Handbook for 2019-2020.  Many of the decisions made within the school will reference this document.