Welcome Back Message

Get ready for the 2018-19 School Year

It will be Another OUTSTANDING year at OILFIELDS!


We are so excited for the new school year to begin! We hope everyone has a great summer with many opportunities to spend time with family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing all of our Grade 7/8/9 students the first day of school on Tuesday, September 4th.  Our Sr. High student in Grades 10/11/12 will join us on Wednesday, September 5th. Our school day begins at 8:40 am and ends at 3:30 pm. On the first day of school, students are expected to bring their school supplies. There will be a short assembly in the gym to start the day, timetables will be distributed and lockers will be assigned. Once this is done, a regular day of classes and learning will begin. Please refer to the Student & Parent Handbook posted on the school website at http://oilfields.fsd38.ab.ca/  for further information.


Courses and Student Timetables: Oilfields provides students with engaging educational experiences featuring a full range of academic and complementary courses, including semester and full year courses. We want students to have experience in a variety of complimentary courses so students get the opportunity to discover their interests. Most students are engaged and thrive in classes they did not even know they would be interested in or had chosen as part of their course selection. The 2018-19 school schedule, as well as, individual student timetables (tentative and which may be subject to change) have been included. Great care and attention has gone into the creation and personalization of your child’s timetable and changes will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • there is a change to your post-secondary plans and/or interest
  • you will be completing a course in summer school
  • unusual or unique circumstances.

            Important note: Changes to a student’s timetable based on wanting to be in the same class as friends will not be considered as reasonable circumstances to change a timetable.


Students in Jr. High in 2018-19 will be able to make course change requests prior to the end of the school year by filling out a course change form. Questions regarding Jr. High timetables can be directed to Ms. Gauzer in the office. High School students can also fill out a course change request form and make contact with Ms. Isberg with questions.  Our office will open the last week of August for registration purposes and to book appointments regarding timetables. Sr. High students will make these requests through the School Counsellor (Ms. Isberg) and Jr. High students will make these requests through the office (Ms. Gauzer). All students will receive an updated timetable on the first day of classes, as some changes may have been made over the summer months.


School Schedule: Our school year is a semester system for both Junior and Senior high students with courses being completed in one semester and others going full year. We balance each semester with core and complimentary courses for all of our students. Students will have the opportunity to take both academic and complimentary courses in both the morning and the afternoon, as well as, an ENGAGE (am) or EXCEL block (pm) each day.  This structure is intended to support students in work completion, developing characteristics/competencies of responsible learners, and successfully tracking learning accomplishments. Students will identify subjects where they have assignments, tests or homework that is due, subjects where they have questions or need clarification or further instruction, subjects where they would benefit from independent study, or subjects where they would like to expand and extend their learning through further study or projects. Our goal is to engage students, attain high levels of achievement and ensure quality instruction and teaching through mastery learning and assessment. Our schedule will include four 80 minute blocks a day, 5 minute breaks between classes, a 35minute lunch and one 35 or 40 minute Engage/Excel block each day. Engage/Excel blocks are instructional time and are not spares. As such students are not permitted to leave the school during this learning time.


Day 1 & Day 2 Schedule

Day 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Alt Fridays)

Day 2 (Tuesday, Thursday, Alt Fridays)

Block A


Block B


Engage Block


Block A


Block B


Block D






Block C


Block D


Block D


Block C




Excel Block



Friday Rotations

Semester 1

Semester 2

Day 1 Fridays

Day 2 Fridays

Day 1 Fridays

Day 2 Fridays

September 7

September 14


February 1

September 28

October 12

February 15

March 1

October 26

November 2

March 15

March 22

November 9

November 16

March 29

April 5

November 30

December 7

May 3

May 10

December 21

January 11

May 24

May 31

January 18


June 14

June 21


Staff: Our strength is our size; this allows us to personalize our instruction to meet the needs for each of our learners. At Oilfields our enthusiasm and excitement for learning is enormous. Together we achieve through ambition and aspiration. We aim to achieve high standards by thinking, acting and dreaming large.  Our school is a caring, positive and supportive environment that empowers everyone to do their best and be involved, where individuals are compelled to step forward and not back when things need to be done. There is heart and soul in everything that goes on at our school and it is the students, staff, parents and community that nurtures this. Our school has a family-like atmosphere and is a place that cares. By caring we preserve and respect the traditions of our school while pursuing growth, change and improvement. We are dedicated and committed to achieving excellence and there is a climate of high expectations and success for all. Teachers work with students in identifying who they are as learners and how they learn best. We are developing characteristics and competencies of successful learners including work habits, confidence, independence & leadership, digital citizenship, respect/collaboration/communication, and citizenship/growth and well-being. Oilfields Staff are dedicated and committed to improving student learning and demonstrate this in their words and actions.


Attendance: Attendance and punctuality is one of the most important parts of student success and achievement at school. A student’s progress can be severely affected by poor attendance and punctuality. Any pattern of absences or being late may put a student at risk of not achieving curricular outcomes or successfully completing courses. In an effort to better inform you of your child’s daily attendance, an automated call will be sent to parents of students whose attendance is unexcused in any of their courses. Calls will happen mid-day for morning class attendance and end of the day for afternoon class attendance. It is very important that parents acknowledge they have received the call, as the system will continue to attempt making contact until attendance is verified by the parent. We ask that parents call 403-938-4973 or email the attendance line ohsattendance@fsd38.ab.ca regarding any absences or appointments before 8:30 am on the day of the absence to avoid receiving a call for unexcused absences. As well, parents can access their child’s attendance live at any time during the day through their Maplewood login.  Please remind your child to sign in at the office when entering or leaving the building during scheduled class time, as well as, when students arrive late to school. If you are concerned about an absence, your child’s overall attendance record or would like to discuss further impact of attendance on your child’s progress/success, please contact your individual child’s teacher directly (names are on the website; lastnamefirstinitial@fsd38.ab.ca). Thank you for supporting your child’s academic achievement through regular and consistent attendance and punctuality. Sr. High students are welcome to leave campus for lunch, while Jr. High students need to remain at school during this time, unless special arrangements have been made with the office by the parents.


Cell Phones: The use of personal technology devices (cell phones, tablets, computers) at school for learning purposes is appropriate, but bringing personal devices to school for personal purposes and use is discouraged. These devices are permitted for personal uses during non-instructional times only. Students may use their devices during class time for learning purposes as directed by the teacher. Use of this technology for learning purposes will be at the discretion of individual teachers and the administration of the school. Devices not being used appropriately or for intended purposes may be taken by the teacher or the administration and will be returned to the student or parent at discretion of the teacher and administration. Devices that are used inappropriately and/or distracting the learning of students will not be permitted. A parent conference may be required to retrieve the device and further disciplinary consequences taken. Possession of personal technology devices by a student at school is a privilege and students are expected to follow personal technology device etiquette at all times.


“Once a Driller Always a Driller”: Oilfields students are very proud of their school! They take great pride in being Drillers and proudly wear the school colours of black and gold. All of our students are Oilfields Ambassadors. They are leaders and exhibit the qualities, characteristics and behaviours of responsible learners and school spirit promoters. We have many reasons for being proud of our students and we celebrate them at every opportunity. Having students participate in school events, activities and sports builds school spirit and pride. These activities energize and engage our students to always do their best and represent themselves and their school in a big way. D(dedication), R(respect), I(integrity), L(learning), L(leadership), E(excellence), R(responsibility).